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Sun's Golden Image #964628

Name: Sun's Golden Image Color: Golden Palomino, white main and tail
Gender: Gelding Status: For Sale
DOB: June 22nd 1996 Price: $8,500 US

Sun is the ultimate, classic golden palomino with a white mane and tail and a small star on his forehead. He is gentle as can be. Sun is the first one in the barn to call out when I come to feed and he continues to knicker until I get to his stall. Sun is an absolute gentleman in the stall. I just push him over to clean around him and he never complains.

Sun has a great head shake in the flat walk and a gorgeous, high-stepping faster gait. He is just beautiful moving around the sand track in front of the barn. He is also patient. All the cats love him the best. His white tail hangs to the ground and the kittens continually play in it. Sun loves his bath and will tolerate the clippers. He loads easily and stands quietly when tied to the trailer at a show.

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